Learn Collaboratively

Learning about technology can be scary on your own. Having friends interested in the same space as you can make it a little easier.

Explore Opportunities

Hackathon? Check. Info sessions? Check. Teach Kids? Check. We find opportunities in tech so you don't have to.

Work On Projects

Want to learn while adding to your skill set? Our members are constantly working on projects and we even host workshops for you to learn by creating.

Meet Recruiters

We’re all looking for jobs. We bring recruiters to you with relevant content and industry experience so you can learn, ask questions, and network.

Modules for this semester

Web Development

We know the importance of content creation, and the right platform to showcase it. Want to be an entrepreneur and create a new product? You're going to need a website to promote it. How about write a blog or create an online portfolio? You'll probably want to design your own page and make it just the way you want it. Learn how to create your own website from the front end to back end starting on January 16th and ending on January 30th.

Information Security

During a time where the analysis of big data is key to success, how do businesses protect their information from hackers? They instill cybersecurity tactics, protecting computer systems from the theft and damage to their hardware, software or information. Learn about the latest security breeches and methods of protection from February 13th to March 7th.

Technology in Society

Technology is the catalyst for change in society, inspiring the latest fashion trends to causing debates on information security and privacy in politics. Come learn about how technology is changing society in a variety of industries from April 3rd through the 24th.

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