Learn Collaboratively

Learning about technology can be scary on your own. Having friends interested in the same space as you can make it a little easier.

Explore Opportunities

Hackathon? Check. Info sessions? Check. Teach Kids? Check. We find opportunities in tech so you don't have to.

Work On Projects

Want to learn while adding to your skill set? Our members are constantly working on projects and we even host workshops for you to learn by creating.

Meet Recruiters

We’re all looking for jobs. We bring recruiters to you with relevant content and industry experience so you can learn, ask questions, and network.

Modules for this semester

Mobile Apps

The mobile app field may seem stagnate, but behind the scenes new technologies are constantly popping up creating a better experience for users. Want to keep up with all these changes? Come out to our mobile apps mod! This module begins on January 13st and ends on Febuary 21st.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is still one of the strongest movements in technology today and continues to grow in importance. Come learn about what the cloud really is and learn how businesses are taking advantage of all the new tools available! This module begins on March 14th and ends on the 24th.

Information Security

We all hand out our personal information without second thought, but how are companies protecting the huge amounts of data received? We'll teach you how companies are (or aren't) keeping your data safe. This module begins on April 11th and ends on the 18th.

Like Slack?

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