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Learning about technology can be scary on your own. Having friends interested in the same space as you can make it a little easier.

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Hackathon? Check. Info sessions? Check. Teach Kids? Check. We find opportunities in tech so you don't have to.

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Want to learn while adding to your skill set? Our members are constantly working on projects and we even host workshops for you to learn by creating.

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We’re all looking for jobs. We bring recruiters to you with relevant content and industry experience so you can learn, ask questions, and network.

Modules for this semester

Blockchain Technology

As an incorruptible digital ledger, blockchain is increasing in economic importance, recording not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. Come learn about the process of blockchain and have the "digital gold" of bitcoin deciphered as we partner with the UF Bitcoin Club! This module begins on August 29th and ends on October 3rd.

Data Analytics

How do companies handle such large amounts of data? They use data analytics, or qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes, to enhance productivity and business gain. Learn how to slice and dice data from October 10th to November 7th.

the Future of Technology

This module focuses trends in technology and our prediction of potential advancements in a variety of industries, including the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. This module starts on November 14th and ends on December 5th.

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