Learn Collaboratively

Learning about technology can be scary on your own. Having friends interested in the same space as you can make it a little easier.

Explore Opportunities

Hackathon? Check. Info sessions? Check. Teach Kids? Check. We find opportunities in tech so you don't have to.

Work On Projects

Want to learn while adding to your skill set? Our members are constantly working on projects and we even host workshops for you to learn by creating.

Meet Recruiters

We’re all looking for jobs. We bring recruiters to you with relevant content and industry experience so you can learn, ask questions, and network.

Modules for this semester

Change Management

We'll be kicking off the first module with something every organization has to deal with: change and how to handle it. Whether it's the move to the cloud, or trying to catch up to the mobile revelution, every company is facing change, so it's beneficial to understand the process from end-to-end. This module begins on September 13th and ends on 27th.

Future of Technology

Technology is always evolving. In this mod we're going to learn about what that evolution looks like. It can be the Internet of Things, space exploration through companies like Space X/Virgin Galactic, or even virtual/augmented reality. This module begins on October 4th and ends on the 18th.

Agile Methodology

In software development everyone would agree on one thing: the switch to agile is happening with or without you. Most companies have either already developed the agile methodology or are currently transitioning. We'll go over this and give you an idea of how agile works. This module begins on November 1st and ends on the 15th.

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